I am Saumyaa.

(Or Iron Man. Whatever.)

Here's What's Special

I bring something different to the table every time the opportunity calls for it. A hardworking person, not afraid to make mistakes, rectify them or improve myself every single day. Being a quick learner, I can adapt to dynamic environments very easily. I love what I do and strive to make myself better.

My Experience

  • 2019

    Yellow Slice Design Studio

    As a UX Intern, I took part in design sprints, attended client meetings in addition to performing competitive analysis and preparing feature lists for clients. I developed personas and mapped out user journeys to build a complete design pitch for client. Alongside, I also worked on multiple UI and graphic design projects for existing and prospective clients.

  • Until Now


    Working as a freelancer designing immersive user interfaces for startups and businesses. Worked as a digital artist to create attractive illustrations for marketing agencies.

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